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Working Alternatives 


Working Alternatives was founded in 2018 by Alan Green

Alan is a passionate educationalist with over 35 years’ experience which he describes as diverse and eclectic.  He believes his wide experience is the very reason he can ovide such a wide range of support, advice and guidance to customers. 


Alan is the first to admit that he gets frustrated with the policy and politics which surrounds education and training, yet he realises, just how important it is, to get it right at all levels. 


Alan is very passionate about his sector and believes that Independent training providers have a pivotal role in the development of both fiscal and social economies. 


Alan and his team recognise the importance of quality education and the need for professionally delivered education and training that has a real measurable impact on the learners.

Our History





Our first year which shaped our direction and set the way we operate.  

As with all new businesses we faced some difficcult decisons and challenges along the way. 

Success for our learners made it all worthwhile .

Another good year which we utilised to consolidate our business and shape a relatively small curuculum offering. 

We wanted to ensure we offered a quality service with focus on the cutomer. 

It has been a challenging year with a great many high points and new developments for our business.

The Corna Virus has presented many challenges and opportuity to change our typical delivery model. 

We  look forward to new challenges in 2021 and have some exciting plans for the future. 

Our Staff and Associates

Adam Kohn

Course Instructor

Annie Monaco

Customer Service

Anne Smith

Course Instructor

Victor Miller

Customer Service

Philip Henderson

Course Instructor

Laura Mattis

Customer Service

Lise Mason

Course Instructor

Nana Scott

Customer Service


Feel free to to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!

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