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Welcome to our Partners Page 

Working Together for a Better Future 

The European Social Fund funds some of our provison. This is mainly via the Educaiton SKills Funding Agency ESFA and Develoved Authorities accross the UK.

Here you will see details of those we are partnering with in one way or another  to bring our services to a wider audience. 

We simply could not deliver our services without the support of our delivery  partners, Funders and Awarding Organisations. 

Below you can find out more about our work together.

The Tees Valley Combined Authority fund our work accross the Tees Valley. This is mainly via the Educaiton SKills Funding Agency (ESFA) Adult Educaiton Budget. 


We endeavour to be innovative and creative with our services and delivery.

We respect that as individuals’ people are different, and this means their needs may be different.

We actively encourage others to be imaginative and creative  and give our clients opportunities to influence to our delivery.

We know our expertise and skill set and tihs means we know our limitations and this means sometimes being creative is a simple matter of engaging with one of our prtners to offer the best solution to clients. 


Our aim it to deliver our service in a variety of medium to allow you to learn and develop skills at a time that best suits your lifestyle and mode of learning.

Time is precious and we want to be as effective as possible and this often means we may refer peole to one of parteners rather than trying ot be all things to all people. 

We know some of ourpartners have veryspecific skills and services which may be more benficial to our clients.  

Our quality and curriculum intent is to assist individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We strive to ensure our input impacts positively on people and allows them to move ever closer to becoming economically and socially active citizens. 

Quality sometime means saying no but saying no doesn’t always mean saying we can’t help, it may mean we know a partner better able to give the service you need or want. 


Feel free to to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!

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